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For help with this website or further information on any of its content please contact the Biodiversity Officer by emailing natural.environment@shropshire.gov.uk

In 2011 the UK government  withdrew funding for Biodiversity Partnerships. Due to this, we sadly no longer have the capacity to update the Natural Shropshire website and some of its content is out-of-date. 

The Natural Shropshire web site is maintained by the Shropshire Biodiversity Partnership.  It is used as a source of information for the Shropshire Biodiversity Action Plan and the Shropshire Ecological Data Network.

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Shropshire Biodiversity Partnership

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The Shroshire Biodiversity Action Plan is no longer being updated.
While many actions listed in the plan have time frames that extend to 2015 or beyond there is no funding available for a coordinator to update the plans or report on progress.
The current list of plans are still available and those carrying out biodiversity works can still report actions for species and habitats listed under Section 41 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act (2006) - otherwise known as UK BAP species or habitats or 'habitats and species of principal importance in England'.
The full list of Section 41 species found in Shropshire is available here:
The action plans listed on the Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS) for Shropshire are still available to view here: http://bit.ly/BARS_Shrop
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Partnership News We currently do not have capacity to maintain this web site or the news section. Some updates are made on the Shropshire Biodiversity Partnership Facebook page.

Our map of site based reports is still being updated: http://bit.ly/Shrop_SiteReports 

Our map of Phase 1 mapping across Shropshire is available here: http://bit.ly/YNH_Maps  

Shropshire Council's Environmental Networks map is available from here: http://bit.ly/SC-Shrop-Env-Network 


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